Free falling

It has almost been 10 years in the making… and one day you realize you are free falling into time and space in blissful waves of overtaking, beautiful emotion. Could I really be here in this moment and time? It’s like magic in real time. Something so incredibly wonderful that losing it has become my greatest fear. It’s the way the light hits his face and illuminates all of his handsome features while he’s tapping on the steering wheel and my hair is blowing in the wind . It’s the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking & locking eyes sends chills down my spine. It’s the way coffee tastes like the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had when he’s in the room with me. It’s the way a simple accidental brush of shoulders can set my soul on fire. It’s the way his smile lights up his eyes & takes my breath away. It’s free falling with the sound of my pounding heartbeat mixing with the gushing wind in my ears, falling so quickly not knowing if I will survive or not. It’s that moment of finally getting home and realizing how much it hurts to not be near him. It’s that moment that I realize he’s everywhere.. in every song, every scene, every whisper & I can no longer keep the secret even from myself. And somewhere underneath my breath take a deep breath and whisper.. “Goodness, I think I’m falling in love with him“.

No matter the outcome, this moment right here, right now is what life is about. Thank you, God for beautiful weekends like this one & God willing, many many many many more to come.

iabywrv ❤

Steph Andrea



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