Free falling

It has almost been 10 years in the making… and one day you realize you are free falling into time and space in blissful waves of overtaking, beautiful emotion. Could I really be here in this moment and time? It’s like magic in real time. Something so incredibly wonderful that losing it has become my greatest fear. It’s the way the light hits his face and illuminates all of his handsome features while he’s tapping on the steering wheel and my hair is blowing in the wind . It’s the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking & locking eyes sends chills down my spine. It’s the way coffee tastes like the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had when he’s in the room with me. It’s the way a simple accidental brush of shoulders can set my soul on fire. It’s the way his smile lights up his eyes & takes my breath away. It’s free falling with the sound of my pounding heartbeat mixing with the gushing wind in my ears, falling so quickly not knowing if I will survive or not. It’s that moment of finally getting home and realizing how much it hurts to not be near him. It’s that moment that I realize he’s everywhere.. in every song, every scene, every whisper & I can no longer keep the secret even from myself. And somewhere underneath my breath take a deep breath and whisper.. “Goodness, I think I’m falling in love with him“.

No matter the outcome, this moment right here, right now is what life is about. Thank you, God for beautiful weekends like this one & God willing, many many many many more to come.

iabywrv ❤

Steph Andrea




I always come to this place to spill my thoughts. No one may read it but it feels good to get it off my chest.

I find myself in the most incredible place in my life while equally being in one of the most difficult mentally. Not that it’s unmanageable nor is there a cloud hanging over my head. Nothing like that. It is that place in my life where I choose to create my own untraveled path to create my happy existence on this planet. Sometimes taking the road less traveled ends up with a staggering feeling similar to loneliness, only, I am not lonely. My heart is full of love and support of those people whom I hold dear, which there are very few, as my full heart is guarded more and more these days. Choosing this lifestyle of creating something that is mine, something that can continue to flourish for years to come and create stability for myself and the hypothetical family I may have one day. Not only does it come from my desire to be financially stable, it burns from my desire to experience the world as fully as I possibly can. I come from a family where traveling and vacations were not a thing. We did not have those kind of memories. I yearn for that. I crave a life where I can explore the world as God created it in all of its majesty. I want to be submersed with new culture and adventures, constantly. I want the book I’m writing to have depth behind it.. not just coming from someone who has experienced more heartbreak than one should by 28 years old.

Oh heartbreak.. why must you be so cruel and ever lingering? I could write and write and write about this subject.. but why give it continuous life? All I will say is, I am careful when choosing my relationships and if something does not work out after giving it a chance, I decide for myself to let something go that is not right for me… & by let something go I mean indulge in a weekend of Sex and the City marathons, eat Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and pizza in bed while crying at nodding in agreement with everything Carrie Bradshaw is saying about men and their ways. But not this one… it’s been 9 years since we met and I’m still as crazy about him as I was the moment we met. Timing has never been in our favor, but as the years go on, neither of us has fully moved on and conversations have taken place between us as recent as today… but now, geography isn’t in our favor and I am terrified that time is going to continue to get away from us if something drastic doesn’t happen.. but what? This is not some fucking romance novel where he’s going to magically appear at my door stop with flowers in his hand in the rain while I dramatically fling the door open and jump into his arms & we live happily ever after. WRONG. It is real life and I ca not imagine feeling so intensely for someone for 9 years to only have it constantly be on my mind and nothing ever coming of it. I can not imagine that he not my guy.. I can just feel it in my bones. I do not want to fall in love with the wrong person and end up like my parents. That hurts too much. Despite the fact that I have not a single functioning relationship model in my family, I still believe in that all consuming love that two people can have for one another. I still believe that two people can fall in love, build a life founded on the word of God, have a family, create happy memories together, support each other, lift each other up, respect one another, remain faithful to one another and spend forever in love. That is what I want. So what if it’s him? What if it’s not? Craving something so delightfully magnificent, wanting to experience that kind of unconditional love so bad that it shatters my soul a bit every time I think of it. It is a beautiful heartbreak… you know?

So I refer back to my original thought of creating my own path. They say it is lonely when you are at the top and while I am not at the top, I surely am in a different bracket than the rest of them. I stand tall and proud in every decision that I have made to get me here. While I am remaining slightly vague with all of the aforementioned, just remember this; While I have been busy working in diligent silence, something beautifully me has been created. No public announcements need to be made, just know you will be seeing be soon. You meaning all of you who chose to leave me and not love & support me unconditionally. All of you who I supported and was there for and the second you had a chance to tear me down, give your two cents, and passive aggressively insult me. You did not break me then and you will not break me now. While some of the wounds are still wide open, the pain only fuels my fire so thank you all for being part of come up.

Your fuel has been greatly appreciated.

Love hard. Be kind. Chase your dreams relentlessly. Make shit happen. Be true to you.

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Don’t call it a comeback.

This blog was in dire need of having life breathed into it.

The floral background was reminiscent of the wide range of emotions that were felt while pouring my heart out into the entires before this. I could feel the hunger & fear that possessed me when I started this blog. It was a something that I felt in the pit of my core and in the depths of my soul. It was that hunger to share my words and my thoughts with the world. To create a voice for myself in this loud world of chaos and massive conformity. To chase that passion that consumed every single inch of my being. Here I am 5 years later, still breathing life into the words that have healed my soul. They are MY words.

Literary therapy, as I like to call it. 

But no matter how much time passes or how much I sharpen my writing pencil, the words always seem to flow the most effortlessly when my heart is conflicted.. when my emotions are the most heightened. When the rawness of what I’m feeling just seems to only be healed with the clicking of the keys underneath my fingers and the rush of words forming together at the speed of light more like 53 WPM and purging every lingering thought onto this cyber page.

Never stop doing the things that make your heart beat faster & slower at the same time, the things that make you feel electric. Hang on to the passions you feel deep down in your soul, fiercely chase them and never let go.
[Sorry Rose, I know you let Jack go in the end, but I’m never letting go. Plus, we BOTH know he could have fit on that door..damn,Titanic. #leodecaprioforLIFE **Still bitter about this by the way.]

There are many things to talk about, to share with those that care to listen; Not because I think my life is anymore exciting than anyone else’s, but because I know I can relate to at least one of you readers out there. I know what it’s like traveling through your twenties and trust, it’s a tough, yet invigorating time of life, so enjoy it to the fullest.

So I present to you, the unfiltered thoughts of my life titled,

Rants from a twenty-something – Volume : IDGAF“.

Currently listening to:


When I write, I usually just let the words flow with no idea of whats thoughts the clicking of keys underneath my fingers will tell the story of… clearly, you are on my mind. Of all of the exciting things happening in life that I could talk about, you are what comes to mind.

So here it goes…

I had a whole different blog typed up pouring my heart about him [more like to him]…but I deleted it. Nothing can accurately tell the story of how I feel more than the lyrics of the song posted below. They are exactly, word for word, how I feel. All the way down to the last line. [If anyone reading this even cares] to truly understand where my heart is, listen to it.

I don’t fall for guys easily at all, but there was something about you that drove me crazy. It was just there. I felt every single bit of it. You were all I was looking at. You were my best friend. Even admitting that is not easy, but it’s the truth, so I am saying it… But, time passes and things change.

[And I’m left to pick my heart up off the floor and keep on moving forward.]
Q: So what’s the point of this passive aggressive entry?
A:  Merely, a twenty something attempting to pour her heart to a guy who mattered to her. Listen to the song and you’ll understand everything.

“We’d talk maybe 20 times a day
And still I never say what I want to say
I thought I wouldn’t need to
I guess I read you wrong…
Too much of a good thing won’t be good for long


[I haven’t done this in a while.]

I am in a chapter in my life where, for once, I feel I am exactly where I need to be.


It feels amazing.

No words can accurately describe the immense amount of excitement that fill my days. It is just one of those things where the chaos becomes symmetrical and everything you have ever experienced just suddenly all blends together and makes perfect sense.

Euphoric bliss, if you will.

 I am conquering my life goals, one by one and I am the healthiest & fittest I have ever been.

Thank you, Jesus.

Point of this entry? Listen to the song below, you’ll understand.

Sweet dreams, y’all.

“You’d be the best that I ever hoped for

I love it how I can’t resist the way you are.

The way we touch.”


Scenario: Sitting in my cloud-like bed, surrounded by pillows, the window is cracked letting the chill breeze creep in the room, Downtown FW is shining outside of my patio window, this song is playing as I’m writing in my journal, chill sesh for one.. It’s moments like this that make all the hard work and discipline worth it… the silver lining, you know?

Goodnight, lovebugs.

“Tell myself just breathe, breathe you in, just breathe.”