Why is it that the words just flow so freely when you’re upset?

Okay, I’m not upset… I am just 25 years old and enduring much change. Change, meaning life is progressing, chapters are changing and many lessons are being learned. But I guess that’s just called life, huh?

Lessons Learned Recently by Twenty-Something Me

1. You can’t make people see or feel the world the way you do. Period.

2. You should never waste your time or breath trying to justify your decisions, actions or opinions to anyone. Just surround yourself with like-minded people and you’ll never have to do any of the aforementioned. Simple as that.

3. Sometimes the people closest to you will bring out the worst parts of you. Why? Because they love you of course, and they know exactly how to push your hardest buttons. Is it right? Absolutely not, but we’re all guilty of it. Actively work on LOVING & SUPPORTING those people closest to you instead of doing the exact opposite.


5. When people are ready to change, they will. You can’t force someone to be someone they’re not. Change either comes willingly or not at all.

6.You are not destined to be an unhappy, jealous, angry, lazy, overweight, outcast, with no money, no life, no friends, no support system, lonely waste of human being. THERE IS HOPE FOR ANYONE. I watch miracles happen every day. GET YOUR ASS UP, STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

7. Here’s the age old question, “OMG, you’re single? Why?” Well here is why; I have learned in my past relationships what I want and what I don’t want. A certain Georgia boy from my past reminded me that gentlemen still do exist. They’re rare, but they are there. I will not ever ask a guy out or make the first move, I like when he takes control. A guy who knows what he wants out of life and actually possesses the motivation go for it is quite attractive. But more than any of those things, a guy with a unique mind is what attracts me. [See: Brandon Boyd… HA! …but seriously.] When I do find someone interesting & tall enough ,  9 times out of 10 they lack that certain conversation skill and excel in video game skill. Boom. #2013problems

8. Work on yourself first. Physically, spiritually, mentally. Any emotion you are feeling inside will pour out of your face, thing thoughts lingering in your mind will inevitably prosper, and what you consume will reflect upon your body. Love yourself, respect everyone around you, give more, expect less, stop gossiping about irrelevant life facts, thank God every day for being given another day to live and you’ll live a life you are truly proud of, not one you just have to fake your way through.

That was definitely long, but there is something rather therapeutic about feeling the keys clicking underneath my fingertips and at last clicking the Publish Post button.

 Thank you for listening to my rant, cyber lovelies.

 Until next time..


rants from a twenty-something ep.10

Hello there, cyber world. 

Oh, how I have missed you.

My days seem to be consumed with more fresh air & human interaction, rather than sitting in a stifling, non-ventilated office space staring at a computer screen. I like it better this way. I feel like me.

The past 6 months have been entirely consumed with detoxing my entire life as I knew it. My lifestyle, my friends, ex-boyfriends, my wardrobe, my refrigerator…you name it, I detoxed it. You go through changes in life where you flip the page, and you enter the next chapter of life, but this wasn’t one of those changes. It was more of a burn-that-book-write-a-new-one-and-never-look-back-ever-ever-again kind of change. You think you have life all figured out and it finds a clever, sneaky little way of knocking you on your ass and reminding you of how you never had a clue to begin with. But, what does one do when real life perplexities hit?

Keep breathing and keep on going.

So in the reconstruction of my new life I realized a few things.

Who I am is not defined by the material things in my life. Life lessons and experience make me who I am. You follow the signs, the word and the path that God creates for you and this beautiful life unravels before your eyes. I am a person with a healthy body in which all of the components work in perfect synchronization to allow me to breathe, think, and exist every day. For that reason, I wake up every morning full of gratitude, thankful for every tiny blessing. Never let those tiny blessings go unnoticed, for those are the ones that really make you life rich.

The strength we possess as human beings is absolutely, incredibly mind blowing. There is considerable strength in our words, minds and bodies, which is the greater part of our being. Those, also, are things that make me who I am. Strength in those components can change the world. How am I going to change my world? By only speaking positive declarations, finding the good in every life occurrence and  by living as selflessly as possible every single day. Why? Because why would I want to live any other way?

I’m spiritually, mentally and physically rid of my old life and I for the first time and exactly who I want to be with no regards to anyone, but me. I am free.

I challenge you all to reevaluate your life, get rid of the excess and free yourself, because you are free the exact moment that you wish to be.


“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.”
breathe in..exhale…

Have a beautiful weekend & until next time y’all,



I should be sle…

I should be sleeping right now.

Due to my overwhelming excitement for networking tomorrow, I can’t seem to keep my eyes shut. Meeting with buyers all day tomorrow to sell items from a particularly trendy clothing line. Talking about fashion for 12 hours in hand-picked designer clothing is most definitely going to be a breeze. In addition to the clothing perks, a position is up for grabs at the MAGIC marketplace in Vegas, in August & I can and will win it. 🙂 I mean, who else is going to walk around in 4-inch stilettos  all day, and not complain? 


Off to count expensive shoes sheep..