In a strange state of mind..

Love this tune.
Here’s the scenario: Comfy sweats, hot tea, in my bed, listening to chill music like this all day, working on both blogs, my book & school simultaneously, loving every minute of my life. I am learning more and more to pull the creative inspiration out of everything and that has been improving my writing and thinking, vastly. It is giving me the inspiration I have needed to have two live blogs and begin writing my first book. Challenge yourself to not be such a one-sided thinker, and open your mind to learning and growing. You’ll reap so many non-materialistic benefits, which in life those truly are the best benefits. So while I would like to be out on a patio with my friends, sipping Mimosas & chatting, this is where I would rather be in this moment. Learning, growing and loving.

Happy Sunday Funday, y’all.


Brunch with Stephanie


Eeek!! Here are my birthday decorations! I themed my brunch, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and it was such a glamorous, classy event, if I do say so myself. I dripped the tables in diamonds & pearls, sipped mimosas with my favs, and made toasts to the good life. I have so many pictures to post of the event, so I’ll be posting a full post later!