Don’t call it a comeback.

This blog was in dire need of having life breathed into it.

The floral background was reminiscent of the wide range of emotions that were felt while pouring my heart out into the entires before this. I could feel the hunger & fear that possessed me when I started this blog. It was a something that I felt in the pit of my core and in the depths of my soul. It was that hunger to share my words and my thoughts with the world. To create a voice for myself in this loud world of chaos and massive conformity. To chase that passion that consumed every single inch of my being. Here I am 5 years later, still breathing life into the words that have healed my soul. They are MY words.

Literary therapy, as I like to call it. 

But no matter how much time passes or how much I sharpen my writing pencil, the words always seem to flow the most effortlessly when my heart is conflicted.. when my emotions are the most heightened. When the rawness of what I’m feeling just seems to only be healed with the clicking of the keys underneath my fingers and the rush of words forming together at the speed of light more like 53 WPM and purging every lingering thought onto this cyber page.

Never stop doing the things that make your heart beat faster & slower at the same time, the things that make you feel electric. Hang on to the passions you feel deep down in your soul, fiercely chase them and never let go.
[Sorry Rose, I know you let Jack go in the end, but I’m never letting go. Plus, we BOTH know he could have fit on that door..damn,Titanic. #leodecaprioforLIFE **Still bitter about this by the way.]

There are many things to talk about, to share with those that care to listen; Not because I think my life is anymore exciting than anyone else’s, but because I know I can relate to at least one of you readers out there. I know what it’s like traveling through your twenties and trust, it’s a tough, yet invigorating time of life, so enjoy it to the fullest.

So I present to you, the unfiltered thoughts of my life titled,

Rants from a twenty-something – Volume : IDGAF“.

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