rants from a twenty-something ep. 8

There is something incredible about squiggles and lines meandering into such symmetry, syncing one’s thoughts and visions, and creating such beautiful bodies of work. Letters, words, sentences, books, theories, all bound together in unison in an attempt to compile great stories and create places that only exist only in literature and your imagination. You can push the pre-prescribed bounds of culturally excepted thinking and create any type of world you would like to live in. Writing is my personal therapy. Having the freedom to express my true deep emotions on paper, or a cyber medium, is thoroughly cleansing and highly invigorating. Hearing the keys clicking underneath my fingers with every letter I write is my equivalent to a cigarette fiend fulfilling their craving for a stick of tobacco. I have to write… I just have to have it.

So what is the point of this entry? Merely, just emptying words that were floating about in my head and I believe I did just that. So now I leave you with some Brandon Boyd, in hopes that maybe your night is as inspired as mine. 🙂

Have a good night readers/bloggers.


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