50 Shades of Me.


Things I am thankful for:

-God & the strength he gives me everyday.

-My happy, healthy family.


– My new-found love for health coaching.


-My BEST Friends.

-The many opportunities I have been given to have all of my dream jobs.

– The ability to completely discover who I am, inside and out. I am so comfortable in my own skin. Being yourself is an amazing thing. Embrace it.

– My long, long hair.

-My mother. She is pretty, freaking amazing. Enough said.


-Running & my Garmin GPS watch


-Books, books, books.

-Scruff on men. 🙂


– My life.

What are you all thankful for?



5 thoughts on “50 Shades of Me.

  1. First of all, YOU are beautifully created by God and He took extra time on your hair 😉
    Ok things I’m thankful for…
    – God and his belief in us in spite of our shortcomings
    – My family
    – My friends
    – HERBALIFE!!!
    – Memories and life’s amazing experiences
    – Continuous self-discovery
    – Irony
    – Symbolism
    – Helping myself through helping others
    – Books and Audio Books
    – Transparency and trusting myself enough to be vulnerable
    – Genuine, heart-felt conversation
    – Soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies fresh out the oven and vanilla bean ice cream!?!
    – Leaders who don’t need to be recognized as such and encourage others to lead as well
    – Life’s uncertainty
    – Freedom of choice

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