30-day [beauty]+[fashion] challenge

Day [12]: What’s in my bag?

I keep these items in my purse, typically at all times. This just so happened to be exactly what was in my purse today!

Here are the contents of my bag (starting at the top left, going clockwise):

1. My Juicy Couture Wallet

2. Secret Charm lotion from Bath & Body Works

3. Planner/pen

4. Loose change

5. Extra pair of earrings

6. Very Sexy Hot body spray

7. Cool pair of shades

8. Burt’s Bees Chapsitck

9. Clinique Eye Creme

10. Almay Make-up Remover Pads

11. French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (Hahaa, only I would have this in my bag… lol.)

12. ย MAC lipliner in Brick

13. Revlon Lipstick in Firecracker Red (You never know when you’ll need red lipstick, ladies.)

14. My Prada Glasses/Case


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