rants from a twenty-something ep. 4

I woke up this morning with the urge to write. I’m sitting here at my computer still swamped in huge sweats, sippin’ coffee and just letting the words flow. There is so much on my mind and naturally, writing is what allows me to cleanse my thoughts. So where to start? 

[Random Thought] #1

My life is definitely not where I thought I would be at this point. That is not a bad thing by any means, but I find myself challenged everyday with new obstacles in which I’d never would have imagined facing. All I can do is stall up tall, keep moving, and never let any worries or issues define me. I have had the opportunity to fall and quit many of times, but my drive to succeed makes me keep truckin’. Being a small business owner is entirely overwhelming at times, but it’s rewarding to know that I am building something that thrills me.


[Random Thought] #2

I’m giving up on men for a while.

I have no more patience when it comes to dating. Hahaa. I met my first and only love in the most random place, at the most random time and it was instant. But like most first loves, you love so blindly, that somewhere, somehow that amazing feeling has to come to an end. Then hopefully, you learn what works for you in a relationship and what doesn’t work for you in a relationship and you move on. So here I am two years later… single. Hahaa. Every date I have been on since then has lacked that certain, je ne sais quoi, so to speak. I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as picky, but rather, honest and aware of what I want. But who am I trying to convince, you or myself?

Anyway, I am done typing now. 

Writing therapy complete.



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