[Fri]Day in the life of me.

I shall officially declare today my day of stress relief. To say I’m glad this week is over is a complete understatement! Between birthday festivities, photo shoots, work, studying, planning my Vegas trip & taking care of all of my daily functions, I have had absolutely no time for myself! So… what to do?

1. Run until I can’t take it anymore. A great playlist, sweat, and stress relief.. Ahhh.. bliss.

2. Frozen yogurt with a girlfriend.

3. Beauty product shopping [Favorite stress relief of all time].

4. Manicure & Pedicure

5. Wine & get ready time at my apartment.

6. Dinner at Texas de Brazil.

7. A night out on the town for a girlfriend’s birthday, in my new SUPER cute outfit, dancing the night away.

Yes, that does sound like absolute perfection.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

[Cue Incubus on the iPod & insert long run here]


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