rants from a twenty-something ep. 3

[Cue the completely vague and  random thoughts of my morning.]

It is that moment when you realize that you do way more for people than they do for you. Then, what happens when you stop for just a second? They get pissed off, act entirely selfish, lose sight of what the real issue is & create issues that could of been solved, pronto. Or, they like to sweep the real issues, pertaining to them, under the rug, never bring them up again and then spout arrogant words (when convenient) as an attempt to reprimand the other.  Why can’t both sides be seen? Oh, because people are too busy pointing fingers instead of trying to solve the problem.

Very vague generalization, I know.

So then what happens when you come across this situation? Stop doing and keep moving on. Let things pan out as they will.

As for those people who selectively keep you around, discard them. We live in a world with billions of people so why would you keep someone around who doesn’t 100% want you there?

I’ll be 24 in 3 days and I can’t imagine life any different right now. There are so many lessons I’ve learned up to this point and I’m so excited to exhibit each and every one.

I believe that you should always fight for what you love, but when you’re fighting a brick wall, I think it’s time to back off for a while. Haa, don’t you think?

[Random thoughts done.]

Now, I will press play on Dirty Dancing, sip my coffee and enjoy one of my last days of being 23… in bed. 🙂


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