Dating & the [Single] Girl Ep. 2

I frequent a Starbucks near to study and get work done, partially because the smell of coffee instantly invigorates me and partially due to the fact that there is a really hot guy who is always there studying too.. 🙂


Well, as I am in the middle of typing an important e-mail, in walks boy. Being as it was pretty busy, I didn’t quite notice him until he was pulling up a chair at my table, asking if he could sit with me because all of the tables were taken.

[eeek! hot boy at my table! yesss!]

So, instead of letting out my girl squeal, I put on my best poker face and reply, “sure”. As time progressed, great conversation evolved and many flirty eyes were swapped.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done this morning, but I did meet a cute, smart boy… Score! So before I finish packing up my bag, boy says “Wanna share a table again tomorrow?”

Umm, yes!

Sure, I may see him tomorrow and I may be wearing that I-look-this-put-together-every-time-I-study ensemble. Haha.

  Coffee, great conversation and boy scenery?


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