rants from a twenty-something ep. 2

current obsession: grey’s anatomy

current mood:irritated beyond appropriate words


As I’m climbing this ladder to my goals, I’ve found myself completely surrounded by the idiocy of the people I am supposed to call “superiors” or “managers“. Ha. Their lack of competence is entirely frustrating and I constantly wonder why I’m wasting my time. There is no doubt in my mind that Stephanie Andrea Events is exactly what I need. I’ve always been the type of person to lead and now follow. Having some egotistical, power hungry boss as my “leader” is not how I’m going to live my work life.

I am my own leader.

I believe in working hard for what you want. I believe in eternal optimism. I believe in dedication & determination. I believe in equal opportunity. I, however, DO NOT and will NEVER stand for kissing someone’s ass to get to the top. I will never be someone you can take advantage of in business or in my personal life.

I am not the girl who will conform to society’s suggestions to fulfill some idealistic lifestyle.  I am not the girl who is easily blinded by sweet words & full bank accounts. I will never be that girl who consumes her life with a man who she constantly has to make excuses for. I will never sacrifice my morals for any type of life advancement. I am most definitely not the girl who will settle for a life that doesn’t make me entirely happy. I will never be the girl who cares what you think about me. I will never settle for less than I’m worth.

I will always be the girl with her head and standards held high.

That aside… #writingismystressrelief.

Grey’s Anatomy and Ben & Jerry’s are the only two things that can get me out of this funk. I’m just feel like I’m constantly working my ass off to no avail. I am doing as much as I can to get my company completely in order. There are so many tiny details that must be completely in order before I can officially go live, and until then I am forced to work for someone other than myself.

“God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change…”

Off to my bed. Tomorrow will be better.


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