Hello Fabulous 2011


I can not believe how quickly 2010 flew by! From hotel lobby photo shoots to dancing in an illuminated winter wonderland, last year was nothing less than fabulous. I rang in 2011 with my best friends in Austin, Tx and had the best NYE yet!

We immediately starting snapping pictures & making toasts to the good life and January 1, 2011 arrived faster than I could have ever imagined. At the stroke of midnight, champagne bottles started popping and the club roared with the anticipation of a brand new year. I was just screaming cause I loved my dress so much. . haha. The music was blaring, and we were dancing in the new year! It ended with one very interesting, hilarious car ride home & two HUGE slices of Homeslice Pepperoni Pizzas. Definitely the best new years by far.

HELLO 2011!

[releases deep breath] ahhh, smell the fresh new fabulous year.

So every year I make a yearly To-Do List and never fail to chicken out on the exhilarating things like skydiving, river rafting & conquering my fear of planes(no, i have never been on a plane & yes, at 22, I know that’s hard to believe). So this is the year that with the help of you guys out there that I finish my list. I have until this day next year to cross off everything on my list. It’s time to add a different type of excitement to my life.  Feel free to leave any suggestions for something I should do, a place I should travel, a restaurant you just can’t live without, and I will surely try to check it out! 2011 is gonna be one amazing adventure. 🙂

so here’s the list, so far.

2011 To-Do List

1. Conquer my fear of airplanes.

2. Go skydiving.

3. Set aside money EVERY TIME I make any at work.

4. Eat at a new restaurant & write about it at least once a month.

5. See a new movie once a month & write about it.

6. Be more organized.

7. Update this blog at least 3 times weekly.

8. Always visit the gym twice weekly.

9. Run a marathon.

10. Learn to snowboard.

11. Play my piano regularly again.

12. See the Grand Canyon at sunset.

13. Learn a trick on a skateboard.

14. Solve a Rubix cube.

15.  Train & raise my first puppy.

16. Read a new book as often as possible. Any suggestions?

17. Try out a new recipe at least once every other week.

Anyway, this year is gonna be new, fresh and exciting & I can not wait to see what it holds for me!! I h ope everyone has a phenomenal new year & I will be updating you soon.


Steph ♥Andrea


One thought on “Hello Fabulous 2011

  1. We could start marking off #11 yanno… over some guav perhaps? Real guav that is. Oh also, i know some boys thad be more than willing to teach you #13.
    When ur ready, just lemme kno.

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