Words have an enormously compelling way of depicting all of my deepest thoughts, whether minimal or life changing. I’ve found that in everything I’ve done, I have been most successful in the tasks in which I excrete indignation. So here it goes. I’m attempting to compile my notions onto this vast, infinite medium called cyberspace in hopes that I can make a difference to someone, somewhere.

I do not enjoy long walks on the beach, although sun bathing in the warm sand is more my thing. Brandon Boyd is the only man to ever steal my heart and anything accompanied with a glass of red wine is good in my book. I yearn for originality in the beings I associate myself with and have a strong desire to emit optimism into the world. To witness passion being excreted from a single soul is absolutely mesmerizing. The momentary highs and brink affairs never fall short of a fabulous time. I stand tall and independent on my own two stilettos, but do get by with a little help from my friends. Despite the many trials and tribulations life has thrown my way, I have managed to maintain my dignity and now am stronger than ever.

I am Stephanie Andrea… Hello World.


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